postingTo is the vertical marketplace to develop new business relationships

B2B is more and more on line. Millions of companies all over the world take advantages of vertical marketplaces on the web for business to business. postingTo is the international business network dedicated to professionals operating in the fashion industry, clothing, accessories, design and services fields .
On postingTo, you can easily find new clients, look for new and more advantageous suppliers, or find new commercial partners.

New customers are looking for you on postigTo

Supply meets demand on postingTo in real time. Offers and requests are evaluated by thousands of potential clients as soon as they are posted!
This means saving a significant amount of time and money on all commercial actions as well as having many opportunities to develop business.

Develop your business on an international level

Broaden your company horizons: postingTo allows you to grow on an international level, by finding high quality fashion operators all over the world.
Are you looking for a distributor in Canada?
Are you looking for an architect for your company?
Are you looking for a new brand in your show room?
There is postingTo!

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