PREAMBLE is a business network owned by ABOVE 59 Srl Unipersonale ( single- member private limited liability company), based in Via Martiri Di Marzabotto No.9, 60044 Fabriano (AN). For any questions concerning the entry process, profile editing procedures or to make suggestions, please contact our Customer Service at, at any time, or write to S.O. ABOVE 59 – Fraz. Cancelli 128 – Villa Miliani – 60044 Fabriano (AN) or call +39 0732-3880. ABOVE 59 reserves the right to make any changes to “General Usage Conditions” at any time, and post the edited version on this site. The edited version automatically goes into force at the time of its online posting. allows its registered users to create and post their professional and/or commercial profiles with the aim of developing and increasing their professional network, looking for professional opportunities, exchanging ideas and advice, promoting events and activities and everything that is strongly linked to their professional activities, getting in touch with other users and/or companies, and taking part in the forum. offers users various functions dedicated to the development of their business activities focused in the fashion and design world.
The majority of such functions are available free of charge with our subscription plan, FREE, others are optional and foresee a monthly subscription at costs based on services offered. Users who choose to subscribe will accept the “General Usage Conditions” hereinafter detailed, which represent a contract between users and ABOVE 59. Therefore, for any use of this site, the user is subject to acknowledging and fully accepting all of the following “Terms and Conditions”.


The object of this contract is to promote companies or individuals through the posting of an advertisement (ad) on the website, containing personal and company information, the description of the activity and any commercial offers and/or requests for services.
Each user acknowledges that by registering they accept the risk of responsibility or damages related to any activities or transactions that may result from site usage.
Each user accepts that shall not be held responsible for any possible damages, complaints, liabilities, costs, inconveniences, or expenses of any kind that may result from any transactions. In the case that a user has a disagreement with one of the parties of a transaction, such user shall agree to exempt from all complaints, claims, legal actions, proceedings, costs, expenses and damages. does not provide any statement or guarantee regarding the accuracy, fairness, and reliability of information provided by posters.


In order for users to subscribe to services, they must be of age and/or have the ability to underwrite an agreement according to law, and shall commit themselves to utilize the Site and the services offered exclusively for business purposes or for other ones relevant to their activity.
If the user does not act on his/her own behalf, the user shall guarantee that he/she is acting on behalf of an individual or a legal entity , he or she legally represents, or from which he/she has obtained a proxy authorizing him/her to provide any information needed to be registered to the site. Each user shall provide information or material about their commercial or professional activity for the registration to be successful. In addition, users shall commit to provide truthful, accurate, updated and complete information, as well as committing to being ready to edit such information whenever necessary. Each user may edit and enter any updates by accessing their own reserved area. In the case of false or incorrect data, reserves the right to suspend the user’s profile and to refuse them future access. Users shall inform whenever there is evidence of an unauthorized use of their personal account, or a violation of privacy and security of their means of identification. In order to utilize services, the user must register through the online REGISTER selection, and must provide information related to the company Headquarters, Name and Surname, telephone number, and must choose an email and a pw. Before accepting all terms and conditions please read the privacy policy. The user will have access to a Reserved Area, where they can manage any service offered. In order to access the reserved area, the user must use a username (corresponding to the e-mail given at the time of registration) and a password that shall form the Access Codes. Access codes given to access the reserved area are strictly private. It shall be the user’s responsibility to assure that such access codes remain private. In the case of theft or loss, the client shall immediately contact In such a situation, shall invalidate old access codes and replace them with new ones.


The website, its technical structure, graphic elements, texts and logos are all property of ABOVE59.
Logos, contents, and materials present in advertisements posted on the website, is property of their respective posters and are on the site for the sole purpose of being advertised by holds no right in terms of intellectual property on information, images and contents provided by users.
The unauthorized replication or use of brands shall be punishable by law.
If you wish to create links to the website within other websites, please contact ABOVE 59 to seek consent.
With the posting of personal data, information and/or site content, the user accepts that they shall be shown and viewed by other users. The user accepts such usage of their personal data, since it represents the purpose of the site .


Registering with allows the user to post a professional, personal or company profile online. There are 3 types of subscriptions, FREE - PROFESSIONAL and EXECUTIVE, which have different costs and services. offers the possibility to create a basic profile, called FREE, which is completely free of charge. Regardless of the type of subscription, users shall have various sections to fill in and manage in their reserved area.
The first section, called MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNT , allows users to edit registration data, company profiles, and subscription plans.
The second section is dedicated to OFFERS/REQUESTS MANAGEMENT, where users can post requests, commercial offers and manage notifications (alerts in the private mail box). The MESSAGE CENTER contains incoming mail, sent mail and the address book. The COMMUNITY section contains news and received newsletters, while the ORDERS /INVOICES section shows documents related to the underwriting of new subscription plans and corresponding invoices, available in pdf format within the 15th of the month following purchase.
Advertising consists of posting a professional profile, inside a specific thematic category. Completion of the online form shall provide for entry of the company or user data within the section called PROFILE, as well as a description of main products and services offered and major reference markets in the section called COMMERCIAL INFORMATION, another section is dedicated to the IMAGE GALLERY, and another one to VIDEOS. The section called DOCUMENTS is dedicated to posting brochures, leaflets, catalogs and price lists.
The description given by the user shall be in line with the category he/she has chosen to join. Newsletters or other types of communication shall be sent only upon the user’s consent.


The FREE subscription plan is free of charge, the other plans have different costs based on services offered, summarized below.








29 € per month

49 € per month

Company profile with logo

Commercial information


Image gallery












Entry of owned brands


Certified Profile



Max Number of Products




Photo per Product




Video per Product






Access to the Forum

Access to the News Area

News Entry




Access to Company Profiles

Access to Company Contacts


Internal Messenger Reading

Send and Reply to Messages


Access to Contact List


Instantaneous Chat


Through registration, users will have the right to access the free functions found on; instead, whoever chooses to subscribe to a paid plan shall accept its sales conditions. The user who subscribes to the plan shall read and comply with sales conditions. If the user refuses to comply with the obligations and conditions detailed below, we suggest such user not to subscribe to any subscription plan. Joining the PROFESSIONAL and EXECUTIVE profiles entails the payment of a monthly fee of 29 Euros (VAT tax included) or 49 Euros ( VAT tax included).
Payment is only possible through Credit Card, Prepaid Credit Card, or PayPal.
The invoice shall be issued after payment has been received, and is downloadable from the INVOICES section of the site.
In the case of late payment or failure to pay, the advertisement shall be blacked out until payment has been settled.


The validity of the present contract is subject to the acceptation of all contractual conditions contained therein. The duration of the present contract depends on the period of time that the user and/or company remains registered to reserves the right to remove any postings that may negatively affect websites image, at any time. may start , edit, update, enforce conditions, suspend or interrupt services without notice (except in the case of a paid service). Users may cancel advertisements at any time by accessing the site and following the procedure shown on line.
There is no automatic subscription renewal: e-mails notifying users of the upcoming expiration of their subscription plan shall be sent at the time of said expiration.
The user may decide to interrupt the services provided by at any time (including paid subscriptions) by exercising the right of withdrawal without any penalty and without being obligated to give reason. Such a right shall be exercised within ten business days from the time of purchase. The customer/buyer, who exercises the right of withdrawal within the set time limits, is entitled to a full refund of the money spent on the purchase of services.


The user who registers with is the sole owner and responsible of the content shown on the advertisement and the description contained therein.
Every user shall utilize the services offered by the site only for business purposes , and shall be the sole responsible for the usage of information, messages or data made available through the Service.
Furthermore, the user shall be responsible for the usage of services offered by the site, as well as the usage of their own account or profile.
The user is responsible for all data and information concerning him/her, that has been made available online, and acknowledges that does not carry out any kind of preliminary control on uploaded advertisements and does not have any obligation to do so. is not liable to verify the authenticity of information entered by users and is not responsible for the inaccuracy, inadequacy, or lack of authenticity of the above-mentioned contents.

Due to the special nature of the internet, access to the site may be interrupted or limited at any time, due to reasons, which do not depend on; shall not be held responsible in the case of momentary service interruptions.


The user guarantees that the material entered on the site is original, and in compliance with the standards, even international ones, in order to protect the copyright, brands, patents, and intellectual property in general. The user shall be the only responsible for all that has been posted. reserves the right to immediately stop the posting of advertisements, which engage in activities contrary to applicable law, such as to adversely affect the image and/or reputation of does not guarantee any result consequent to the posting of an advertisement nor does it assume any responsibility thereof. In particular, shall not be in any way responsible towards posters in the case of loss of profit, loss of productivity, general expenses, loss of earnings, nor for any other damage resulting from the advertisement. can not be held responsible for damages and/or anomalies that may occur during posting and which may be missed by its technical control, such as malfunctions, improper use, and/or means of access to sites by the users themselves or third parties. reserves the right, at its own discretion, to remove, edit, or refuse any content submitted by the user, that is suspected to be illegal, violates the usage conditions, or if it proves to be inadequate according to the unquestionable judgment of
If a user violates the terms, or if there is reasonable ground to believe that the user is in violation of such terms, holds the right to suspend or cancel the user’s account or the subscription to any Service, without any responsibility towards the poster. reserves the right to fully cooperate with competent authorities, should any suspected illegal activities occur. can reveal the user’s identity and any related contact information, upon request of a competent authority or following a legal action. is not responsible for any consequences arising from such disclosure of information and users shall not undertake any claim or action against such disclosure.

LIMITATIONS does not verify the authenticity of information submitted by the users, and holds no responsibility towards the inaccuracy, inadequacy, or unlawfulness of such submitted information. reserves the right to oppose the posting of any possible improper website content.
Furthermore, cannot assure the user that the website shall function without interruptions or problems. If users have problems surfing inside the site, they should inform the provider, who shall be at their full disposal in order to restore all functions in a timely manner. Momentary service interruptions may occur during content updating/editing operations.

PRIVACY shall use data and information in accordance with its policy on the handling of personal information, which is directly accessible in the section found on the privacy/policy home page. Prior to joining any service, it is necessary to carefully read the Privacy Policy governing the protection and use of personal information of users, pursuant to Legislative Decree no.196/03., may completely or in part, surrender the management and/or the supply of one or more services to other companies. may allow users to access contents, products or services offered by third parties through hyperlinks. It is advisable to consult the policy/privacy and terms of usage of such websites before utilizing them. The user acknowledges that has no control over third party websites, and cannot be held responsible for such sites, or any content, product or service offered by them.
At the time of registration, the user agrees to enter information inside the database and authorizes and its affiliates to share such information with other users.
The user is the sole responsible of any entered content, in the case that this content infringes copyrights, patents, brands, trade names, trade secrets, or any other personal rights or property rights of third parties. The user has the right and the authority to sell, exchange, distribute, and post products or services described, as long as they do not infringe upon the rights of third parties.
Each user guarantees that he/she:
  1. is conducting activities on the website in accordance with laws and standards in forces;
  2. is carrying out commercial transactions with other registered users in good faith;
  3. is not using site offered services to defraud other users.
  4. is not impersonating other people or companies
  5. is not spamming or phishing; computer viruses or other tools used to destroy software or hardware
  6. is not carrying out illegal activities; or encouraging or aiding and abetting any illegal activities
  7. is not trying to copy, reproduce, exploit or expropriate databases and directories, or to undermine the integrity of data, systems or networks. .


The Client cannot assign this contract to third parties neither free of charge nor against payment.


This ‘code of conduct’ is aimed at encouraging users to develop serious, civil discussions, at the same time respectful of the other people’s opinions; it is possible to have situations of conflict and confrontation during such discussions: each participant in the forum is requested to pay close attention. Even though lively/heated discussions with conflicting opinions is allowed, personal insult is not permitted, nor any attempt to denigrate any opinions which differ from one’s own. The administrator shall in no way tolerate such behavior, offensive discussions shall be closed or deleted, and if it is the case, the user responsible for the improper behavior, shall be removed from the forum.
This section intends to clarify the rules of behavior that users are asked to follow. We strongly advise all users to carefully read the instructions prior to taking part in any discussion.


Any controversy arising out of or relating to the interpretation and/or the application of this contract, shall be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Ancona.

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