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Costume Jewelry


Real Python, Crocodile, Ostrich bracelets.

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High quality

f.a.p. Italia belts are particularly prized because of the know-how behind the production process, with infinite attention paid to the selection and treatment of the materials. The bovine hides, which are always “full grain” and of the very best quality, are sourced from the most important tuscan tanneries. The crocodile and python skins come from carefully selected farms and are imported with the relevant “cites” documents.

The dyeing and various treatments are always carried out in italy, in order to guarantee the highest quality and durability over the course of time.


f.a.p. Italia is indeed a “100% made in italy” company. The entire design and production phases are carried out in-house by means of a meticulous and precise process.

Hides of the very highest quality sourced from the tanneries arrive at the factory, where they are treated by expert craftsmen. Every single phase of the various treatments, from screening and cutting to matching, gluing, rounding, sewing, inspecting and packaging is executed in-house. The dyeing and waxing treatments are also entirely carried out by hand by expert leather craftsmen.

These techniques are a typically italian tradition that is handed down from father to son. This is why f.a.p. Italia invests so much in the training of its workers. And the results are outstanding.

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